BCC-street play& Reality show, Organized by ASHA and Health workers, are going on in Vithura health Block


Field Activities

6.ICE PACKS - 500

Salamma John LHI
Treatment for Tuberculosis
This treatment is provided in Vithura Community Health Center . Considering the convenience of patience this treatment is made available through DOT providers. This treatment and follow ups check ups are completely free of cost.

School Health Program
Time to time vithura community Health Center authorities provides relevant training for the teachers in the twelve schools which situated in its functional area to identify the
diseases seen in children.In this way, the children who manifest child disease symptoms are detected and with the help of doctors and health workers diagnose the disease and prescribe remedies and remedial actions to prevent the same. One scholl health JPHN has been posted from the NRHM for the supervision of school health program.

School Immunization

With the consent of school management and P.T.A, School immunization programs are conducted at schools.
I standard - DT
V,X standards - TT

Under this program, making participation of ASHA , N.S.S, Kudumbasree and other volunteers, comprehensive mosquito source reduction awareness campaign is being conducted. Conducting vector study weekly, the possible locations of mosquito breeding are identified and intensive source reduction campaigns are conducted at these locations.For these campaigns, sanitation committee chaired by ward member provides co-operation and financial aid in each ward andalso helps in collecting blood samples from patients with fever and conducting the necessary tests to rule out the possibility of malaria . In the necessary situations fogging is done.

Preventive actions
1.Vector Study
3.Health awareness classes
6.Cleanliness awareness classes
7.Environmental pollution awareness classes
These programs are executed by the help of ASHA and other volunteers.

Eye test camps

Arranged eye test camps are conducted at different locations of panchayath four times in every year. Mobile eye clinic doctors and staff lead these camps.

Intensive Polio Eradication Program
As part of this program every year polio vaccine is given to children who are below 5 years through 41 booths.
As the part of filaria eradication program, every year, preventive medicines are being given to the people.
Vithura community health center authorities take effort to make sure the participation of males in family planning(NSV)programs by motivating them to accept the latest method N.S.V. N.S.V is done for those who are eligible under the supervision and observation of well trained doctors
Laparoscopic Surgery
This service is provided for the eligible women at Peroorkada Hospital on the third Friday of every month. Those who are subjected to this surgery get Rs.500 as financial help.
Mini Lap
This service is available from Vithura community health center.
Legal abortions are done here for those who are eligible for the same. Contraceptive methods and means awareness is also given from vithura Community health Center.
Temporary Contraceptive Services
1.I.U.D: Latest contraceptive Cu-T10, belongs to the category 389 A,can be used for a period of 10 years
2.Contraceptive tablets.(Mala).
Contraceptives are absolutely free of cost.

Health education Classes
Pre planned health education classes are conducted at Anganwadis, clubs and schools.
The service of ASHA in health work
The NRHM implemented scheme "one social health activist for one thousand population" will provide an awakening in the sphere of health activities in this tribal area.
Ambulance facility is available for the patients who refer to major hospitals. The pregnant women belongs to the category of SC/ST and BPL get the ambulance service free of cost when they refer to major hospitals.
There is facility in Vithura Community Health Center to conduct post-mortem during day time.
For the adolescents, special counseling and trainings are organized
The incinerator functions very successfully in Vithura community health center to process the non-bio degradable wastes.
In this hospital there are two autoclaves to sterilize hospital equipments and implements. Vithura community health center utilize this facility efficiently.
Training Programs
The students of Nursing, Pharmacy, Junior health inspector and Ophthalmology visit Vithura community health center as the part of their trainings. The people in the functional area of this community health center
enjoy the advantages of these training programs
House Surgeon Doctors
The doctors who visit vithura community health center for their house surgeoncy after completing their M.B,B.S have been contributing a lot to the day- to-day functioning of the hospital

The hospital is also frequented by visiting officials and dignitaries from all over the world.